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  • Safe and comfortable swimming float for infants over 2 years old
  • Diaper pant with sponge inserted
  • A deep and secure concave panty structure with low center of gravity.


  • This device is NOT a life-saving device.
  • It must be used in a swimming pool like place where there is no rough current or waves.
  • Must be used when there is a competent adult is next to the baby.
  • Constantly check the temperature of the baby and baby’s status.
  • Do NOT over-inflate: it can cause puncture easily!

Hot to use:

  • When you open the air cap, there is the inner safety valve just inside the cap. When you inflate, the valve opens up to be inflated.
  • When you have inflated about 80%, wet the cap and close it tight, pushing it downward, and the cap will be flatten. 
  • (The inner safety valve prevents air from leaking but does not completely stop the air from leaking.)
  • When attaching the parasol, press the lump-ball attached to both sides of the product and twist it slightly to pass through the holes in both ends of the parasol. 
  • When removing the parasol, twist and squeeze the lump-ball as if you are trying to squeeze the air to the product, while you pull the parasol out of the lump-ball. (Please be careful that you do not over exert you stregnth when twisting and squeezing the lump-ball.