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  • DESIGNED FOR BABIES: Nai-B always tries best to provide great experience to you and your babies. There is a curve in the middle of the cushion to give infants comfort when parents lay them down. It's a perfect angle to make a baby closer to mom while preventing your babies from vomiting.
  • PORTABLE: This inflatable nursing cushion allows you to carry anywhere and use anytime. There is a pump on the chamber which eliminates the need to carry a pump. Just push the pump continuously to inflate.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: When your babies vomit, you can just wipe it or put them in the laundry after taking off cushion cover. It's easy to keep clean and let your babies feel fresh and comfortable everyday.
  • HOW TO USE: Put the cushion into the outside cover before filling air in air chamber. Then close the zipper and push the pump continuously to inflate. In order to deflate, open the cap and put your finger in and push deeply.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Nai-B always uses health and eco-friendly materials to provide best feeling and experience to your kids. No more having to worry about unsafe materials anymore. This tube is tested for compliance by CPSC accepted accredited laboratory. Made in Korea.


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