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  • Multi safe-usage chair for babies.  (Playing, Feeding, Sofa, and Washing.)
  • Prevent infant falls by putting water on the bottom pouch. (Low center of gravity design)
  • Good for Traveling (Easy to Use, Store and Clean)
  • Inflatable through attached air pump or separate air pump (included)


  • This product is for baby who can sustain their body (weight), usually for babies 7 months and up. If your baby is 7 months or older but cannot sustain their body (weight), the baby should NOT use this product. 
  •  FALL HAZARD: The baby can fall with the seat on a tilted places or high places. Always use it in flat area or plain area. 
  •  Always stay close to the baby when the baby is in the seat. 
  • This product is not a booster chair, a high chair, or a car seat! Never use this product as for transportation. 
  • DROWNING HAZARD: This product is not for water play. Do not use it in the water nor near the water. 
  •  Do not use the seat near a fall.