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  • Soft material and air chamber: prevents injury due to impact on contact
  • Anti-sliding cushion & pad for safety enhancement
  • Good for Traveling (Easy to Use, Store and Clean)


  • Drowning Hazard: Babies have drowned while using ingant bath tubs.
  • Stay in arm's reach of your baby.
  • Use in empty adult tub or on floor
  • Keep drain open
  • Fall Hazard: Babies have suffered head injuries falling from infant tubs.
  • Place tub only adult tub or on floor
  • This is not lifesaving Device
  • Please do not over inflate! Please avoid sharp objects like pin, knife, scissors, etc.

Product Specification:

  • Size: 37.40 x 21.65 x 9.84 in(950 x 550 x 250 mm), Thickness: 0.012in(0.3mm)
  • Age: Under 3 years old
  • Material: P.V.C


  • Mint: 888984000069
  • Pink: 888984000137