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  • Safety structure to provide infant water friendliness (Double air chamber, with buckle & bottom handle)
  • Size adjustment function (open tube structure, buckle, etc.)
  • Used in baths or pools with depths that reach the feet with parents.


  • This is not a lifesaving Device. This is not a device to stop from drowning.
  •  Always stay in the pool within arm’s reach of child.
  •  Use under proper supervision and guidance of competent adult(s)
  •  Put the device on your body properly.
  •  Do not allow your child to mouth the product; It may be harmful.

Product Specification:

  • Size(inside*outside diameter): 3.54 x 16.14 in(90 x 410 mm)
  •  Age: Under 2 years old(under 30lb(14kg)
  •  Material: P.V.C