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  • Provide your children with more excitement while playing water sports with this backpack water gun. It eliminates the need to refill water every few minutes as the attached water tank can be filled up to 3480 ml (117.7 oz). There is a hose on the backpack which connects to the toy gun.
  • It is designed for kids! Military camo patterns will make your children feel like the soldiers in movies. There are adjustable straps to provide the best fit to your children.
  • Let your kids have fun at the beach, swimming pool, water park, and backyard with this water pump toy. It will bring you and your children more fun. Enjoy the hot summer months with a cooling water fight!


  • Do not shoot towards the face or eyes to avoid injuries.
  • Swinging or firing towards eyes can result in injury.
  • Not for children under 3 years old.
  • Be careful while uncapping the hose as the rubber seal may fall out. Rubber seal helps prevent water leakage.
  • Use with adult supervision.


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